Korndoerfer Homes: Sturtevant, WI

Curtis Glassen

For three generations

the Korndoerfer name has been synonymous with quality and value. Our IT Team (Glassen Technology Services) has allowed us to focus on keeping that reputation, while they focus on our IT needs.

Since turning over the IT responsibilities to the team at Glassen, the single best benefit has been the time savings. Not having to deal with our end user’s IT issues or worry that our IT systems and security are being kept up to date has been a big relief.


Korndoerfer Homes has multiple corporate offices and remote model home offices to keep connected


When coming on board

with Korndoerfer Homes, the Korndoerfer’ s told me that they were happy with Glassen’s service but gave me the latitude to review and make the determination if I wanted to make a change over to the other firm that I had worked with in the past. I was pleased to find that the IT systems here were in great shape, and that a “managed services” plan was already in place to keep them current. Their ticketing system, personal service, regular follow-up, and quarterly meetings have made our experience working with them great.


Glassen Technology Services

has helped us bring our many remote locations and their IT systems together in a streamlined and functional fashion. We’ve also completed many other successful projects including multiple server installations, cloud software implementation (Office 365), and fiber internet consulting and installation.

Not only did I find I didn’t need to make a change, I feel I have found an IT partner for the future.


Michael Wentz – CFO, Korndoerfer Homes