We’ve got your back. Literally.

Our Managed Online Data Backup ensures real people are monitoring your backups. Every day.

Managed Online Backup Services

The reality is, many IT companies offer remote data backup. But, do they monitor your network backups, guaranteeing that your company’s critical data is backed up safely and securely? We do.

Our Managed Online Backup means we provide a team to monitor every single backup, making sure that your important documents and private data are soundly protected in the cloud. So you never have to worry about failed backups that occur when no one is watching.

We believe in using securely encrypted, hybrid local and cloud data storage. What does this mean for your business? First, it means fast information recovery times. And second, it means peace of mind in knowing that your important data is stored in multiple places.

  • Automated backup requires no customer intervention

  • Quick transmissions to secure, Geo-redundant data centers

  • Securely encrypted connections and storage ensure data privacy

  • SQL databases supported

  • Hybrid local and cloud storage deliver fast recovery times and full redundancy

  • We monitor backups for you

Do you really know if your company data is securely backed up in the cloud?

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