Why Our Clients Choose Us.

1. We’re reputable.

• Our clients stay with us year over year- many of which have been partnering with us since 2006.
• We’ve thrived on good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth. Customers trust our work and frequently refer us.
• We’re local. You won’t find a cookie cutter, corporate approach here.

2. We’re experienced.

• Over 17 years, we’ve earned our place as a respected leader in the community and IT industry.
• You’re guaranteed to connect with a highly knowledgeable staff member every time you reach out.
• Our client base crosses numerous industries and ranges from 5-100 workstations managed, each.

3. We’re Responsive.

• Someone is available to help during business hours, with 99% of our support calls being answered by a real person.
• Emergency response time = 1 hour or less, guaranteed.
• Non-emergency requests responded to within 3 business hours.
• On-site assistance is next business day or better.

4. We’re Organized.

• We keep track of your hardware’s age, so you know when your system needs an upgrade.
• We keep software and third-party contracts up to date, so you can focus on your business.
• We handle warranties on all machines we purchase, saving you the headache.
• Our online ticket system logs all IT requests and solutions.
• We keep extremely detailed documentation to be as efficient as possible.

5. We’re Cost effective.

• Outsourcing IT services is far less expensive than hiring full-time support staff.
• Proactive hardware management keeps your system smooth-running. Prevent unexpected cost.
• Set monthly rates for IT assistance leave you with no surprise bills when you need help most.

6. We’re comprehensive.

• We do hardware-we’ll find and purchase the right pieces and install with little to no downtime.
• Our one-stop shop handles phones, software maintenance, security, assistance, Cloud, and mobile.
• We specialize in managed IT assistance for dedicated support and preventative maintenance.

7. We’re friendly.

• We avoid “geek-speak” and approach tech with plain English. We’re here to answer any questions.
• Our engineers are kind, polite and good-humored. You’ll enjoy getting to know each of them.
• Down time is frustrating. We know customer service is just as important as solving the problem.

8. We’re a team.

• We’re not too big, so you’ll get to know each of us as an extension of your company, forming one-on-one relationships with our engineers.
• We’re not a one-man band. Have ease of mind in knowing someone is always able to assist you.
• Our IT team meets every morning to collaborating and problem-solve. You’re in good hands.

9. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

• We offer free, no pressure consultations. We want to get to know you and your business.
• Quarterly meetings are included with every plan to assure that all your needs are being met.
• We pledge to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our services. Consider ‘IT’ handled.

Stress-free IT is in your future. Contact us to get started.

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