Meet our Team

We’re Down-To-Earth, IT Experts Here To Help Your Business Prosper.

We get it. Your IT System is your company’s life source. When it’s not working the way it should, that means one thing: stress. What you need is a group of IT people who understand your needs and implement lasting solutions, while leaving all the “techie” jargon behind.

We’re a highly trained IT team with years of expertise in delivering proactive, comprehensive technology solutions for businesses. But we’re also something else. We’re friendly. We’re helpful. And we’re good at lowering your stress level, so that you can run your business as effortlessly as possible. Talk to our team, and you’ll immediately see that we’re a different kind of IT company.

Leadership Team

Curtis Glassen

Curtis decided to pursue a career in IT at the early age of 15. After five years in the industry, he partnered with TJ Haggerty, Inc. to form the company in 2006. In 2018 he became the sole owner of Glassen Technology Services. His passion for organization and technology drive him to incessantly better himself and his employees, all while growing a successful business. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, boating, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Moe Shittu

At the age of seven, Moe began to drive his parents crazy when he built an intruder alarm on a circuit board. Since then, he has moved up to programming and creating iOS applications in his free time. His curiosity for testing new software and the latest OS leave the functionality of personal PC in a perpetually unknown state. Occasionally, he can be heard having conversations with Siri.

Bea Black

Bea Black has been with the company since it was founded in 2006. When she isn’t keeping up the books, Bea surrounds herself with plants, aquariums, science fiction books, gardening, crocheting, and Packer games.

Tim Haggerty

Tim is an entrepreneur involved in several businesses. Tim finds insight in mentoring others through his involvement with for profit and non-profit boards. He is the former Chair of YPO Chicago and current Chair of WPO Heartland. He holds both a Bachelor’s and Graduate Degree from Marquette University, as well as post grad at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. He has been married to Nancy for over 23 years and his children, Sophie and George, are in college. Curtis is known within the family as Jr., as they joke that he might as well be Tim’s oldest child.