Motor Specialty Inc.: Racine, WI

Michelle Latona

Since 1947, we have been a “specialty” manufacturer

of small, custom motors in the food service, machine tool, and brand label markets – based in Racine, WI. Motor Specialty Inc. boasts years of innovation, but technology in the office has remained woefully outdated. With intent to keep growing the business, a major update was needed. When it came time to make the switch, hiring Curtis and his team was a simple choice.

I’ve worked with Glassen Technology Services (GTS) before

and Curtis’s professionalism, commitment to long-term strategies, and quality of work led me to choose him over competitors. One of the most impressive things I’ve seen is the management follow-up. Don’t expect communication to end once a project is finished.

Early photo of Motor Specialty Inc.


The transition was much quicker than I expected

and GTS made it smooth and painless. My staff approached the new platforms with hesitance, but the Glassen team was there to help them every step of the way.


The advice I offer to anyone looking for an IT provider is

don’t just shop price. While you’re looking, think about your long-term goals and make sure the provider has services in place that align with them. Our goal was to have a continued IT partnership, and their IT management services include quarterly meetings, so I always know that a strategy is in place.


Anthony Anniballi, President, Motor Specialty Inc.