Multi Products Company: Racine, WI

Curtis Glassen

We are a manufacturer of gear motors and actuators based in Racine, WI

Since 2011 the team at Glassen Technology Services has supported our IT systems. Our computers are vital to our business, so it was important to pick out a company that we could rely on and trust. Our best benefit of working with

Production & Order Management Relies Heavily On IT Systems

Glassen is knowing that we’re on the same page when it comes to our needs. During our relationship we’ve come to know and trust that we are not spending money on IT that isn’t necessary.

Compared to other firms we’ve hired in the past, Glassen has been the most proactive. When we joined their managed services program, it really helped everyone stay ahead of any issues before they became real problems for us. The quarterly review meetings have also helped us keep our hardware and software current, and eliminate or mitigate any vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

Of all the IT providers we’ve had, Glassen Technology Services has, far and above, outperformed them all.

Mark Patzke, President of Multi Products Company