Glassen Resolves VoIP Phone Issues

Curtis Glassen

“We’re a leading national supplier of components for the Agriculture, Commercial, and metal building industries. I have a degree in Information Systems and 30+ years of experience in programming and networking computers but my primary role is in other areas of the company.

A Solution Turns to Managed IT Services

I hired Glassen to do the work that I don’t have time to do anymore and we’ve never regretted the decision. The team at Glassen has managed our IT systems since 2015. When we brought them on-board, we brought along a list of issues we were having with our 3CX VoIP phone system.


This barn utilizes many components from Cannonball


Our issues were approached as though they were a part of our company and addressed each challenge thoroughly and with full communication of what we were to expect. In the past I have found that some IT firms operate based on their own ideas of what your company needs. Glassen has focused on what our company wants to accomplish and has recommended and implemented industry best practices to help get us there. Their priority has been our company’s IT success, not the latest IT fad.

The service and performance levels have been excellent and comes with a price, but most importantly we have come to trust their work and their people and that’s something money can’t buy.”

Scott Miller, Product Manager Cannonball








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