Professional Recordings & Music on Hold Available

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At Glassen, we offer professional recordings and music on hold voice overs through a partnership with a high-end contractor. Simply provide us with a script and we’ll take care of the rest. Our recording options include prompts, greetings, and voiceovers with music. Prices start at $60 per minute for voice only (with a $100 minimum) and $100 per minute including music.

If you’re just looking to customize your music on hold, you’ll need to use a royalty-free music track due to music royalty laws. We recommend for finding and purchasing a music track that you like. Most tracks cost around $50, and we can handle the rest.

This hold music is played when a caller is put on hold, parked, or waiting in a queue. Therefore, there’s lots of time to make an impression (either good or bad)!

Once you’ve obtained the track you want to use, our support team can handle any necessary conversion and add it to your system!

Have additional questions? You can always reach out to us!

We look forward to assisting you with the customization of your 3CX Phone System.

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