Importance of Royalty-Free Hold Music

Michelle Latona Uncategorized

Our 3CX VoIP phone systems give our clients the ability to specify their hold music. This hold music is played when a caller is put on hold, parked, or waiting in a queue and can make an impression (either good or bad)!

Though the phone system comes along with a no-fee music track, our clients often want to customize this. Unfortunately, we cannot use your favorite song since this would be technically replaying the song publicly – opening yourself up to music royalty fees. To avoid the RIAA from knocking on your door with a cease and desist letter, or worse – an expensive bill – you’ll need to use a royalty-free music track.

Finding The Right Music

We’ve found that is a very straight forward and easy to use website which allows you to find and purchase a music track that you like. Most tracks cost about fifty dollars.

For those who want something more custom, such as music with professional voiceovers about their business, we’ve had success with Once you’ve obtained the track you want to use, our support team can handle any necessary conversion and add it to your system!

Have additional questions? You can always reach out to us! We look forward to assisting you with the customization of your 3CX Phone System.