Breach Prevention Platform

Crystal Hess Uncategorized

At Glassen, we utilize the Breach Prevention Platform (BPP) to help keep our clients protected. The BPP mitigates Human Security risks, helps identify Cybersecurity risks, and meets many Compliance requirements which call for a “Reasonable Cybersecurity Program”.  This continuous security program is the all-in-one solution built to establish ongoing security practices and is powered by the Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA).

EVA empowers employees to improve themselves and their organization’s overall security by gamifying education. With next-generation analytics, EVA evaluates the risk from key security metrics into an Employee Secure Score (ESS) – letting you know which employee could cause your next data breach.

How Does this all Work?

Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) – Evaluates an employee’s security risk by giving them an Employee Secure Score (ESS). Employees can see where they compare in their peer group, and in what areas they can improve.

Micro Trainings – Weekly 2-minute micro-training videos & short quizzes combined with a monthly security newsletter keep cybersecurity short, engaging, and interactive.

AutoPhish – Automated Routine simulated phishing has been proven to minimize the risk of end-users falling victim to a malicious phishing attempt. Routine phishing ingrains in employees the same cautious approach as IT professionals, ensuring they are prepared to scrutinize any link before clicking even on the most chaotic of days.

Dark Web Monitoring – Proactively monitor the dark web for compromised account data. The sooner end-users are notified of a breach, the sooner they can change their passwords.

Interactive Leaderboard – For end-users, an interactive leaderboard ignites friendly competition with just their screen name’s honor at stake. For managers, employee names are featured, with a report for performance evaluations, they can track just who needs more time bulking up!


Cybercriminals are diligent in finding new, sophisticated methods to trick unsuspecting individuals into putting themselves at risk. Having a proactive approach is key in a robust security culture.

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