Why You Should Do Away With Local Admin Rights

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The security and preventative maintenance of your IT system is our number one priority here at Glassen Technology Services. Rather than simply fixing a problem once it arises, we strive to create solutions that stop downtime in its tracks. One key tool in this process is the restriction of local admin rights.

Why We Advocate Against Local Admin Rights

When given local admin rights, a user can add/delete just about anything on their workstations. Given this freedom, employers are opening the door to viruses and ransomware, installation of unauthorized software or malware, and ultimately- causing downtime to the system when repair becomes needed. Local admin rights also allow users to install remote access software without company authorization. Businesses that don’t provide users admin rights have proven higher levels of security. The switch may seem painful at first, but the reward in doing so far outweighs the trouble.

We understand that many employers and their staff don’t want to “lack control”. That’s why we’re here to debunk the idea that doing away with local admin rights means eradicating the control that you have over your IT systems.

Common Customer Concerns

“We need local admin rights in order to load programs.”

As your IT service provider, we can add any needed programming. Most often, IT security breaches are caused by an employee who unknowingly downloads or installs viruses or malware. System invaders can hide in the form of programs that you believe to be safe. By leaving the installation to us, you can maintain confidence in programs’ legitimacy. Additionally, we prevent the downloading of unauthorized software- whether it be an unapproved program via your company or one that requires licensing.

         “We need to be able to install updates.”

The installation of system updates is a part of our management IT services. We regularly check for updates and install them when you are away from your workstation.

“It’s our network- don’t hold it hostage!”

We have no interest in holding anything “hostage”. We fulfill all requests to provide customers with access to our documentation platform that holds all equipment passwords etc. We are here to assist with anything you would like to gain access to, download, or remove from your workstations.

In Conclusion

We understand that withholding of local admin rights may seem negative. However, please remember that we’re here to assist at any time. By taking the minor extra step of going through us, you can help us continue to preserve the integrity of your IT systems. Our job is to implement best IT practices while keeping your system current, secure, and up and running- and we promise to continue doing so.

If you have any further questions about local admin rights, or to check on the status of your company’s local admin rights, contact our support team.

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