Why buy equipment from us?

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Shopping for quality and affordable IT equipment can be challenging, especially when purchasing it from online stores or “big box” retailers. Is it the right hardware? Does it come with a warranty? Is it genuine and not “grey market” or counterfeit hardware? Is the hardware refurbished or used? These are …

Truth behind touchscreen laptops

Do You Really Want a Touchscreen Laptop?

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With the popularity & use of touchscreen smartphones rising to the point of “commonality” it’s easy to think a touchscreen laptop would be a great idea. Now when say touchscreen laptop, we’re not referring to hybrid-convertibles or tablets, we’re talking about a common laptop form factor laptop with a touch enabled screen. We’ve reluctantly sold a few of these machines to our clients whom all had the best of intentions, when we followed-up with them a few weeks later – all of them reported that they did not use the touchscreen at all, or very little.