A Closer Look at Mobile Device Management

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Most modern-day workers rely on mobile devices to boost productivity and flexibility. Yet all too often, mobile IT management is greatly overlooked. Are your mobile devices being properly managed, supported, and secured? If not, we’re here to help.


When cellphones, tablets, and laptops walk out the door, your company’s important data becomes more at risk. Thankfully, there are strategies to help keep it secure.


Every device should be password enabled. Passwords need to be strong, unique, and changed regularly. We can enforce password requirements on managed devices. Furthermore, all devices should be encrypted. Encryption, or the coding of data, ensures that if the device falls into the wrong hands, data cannot be read. For more information about encryption, click here.

Remote Access

Most devices come with remote abilities. By enabling remote access settings, we can wipe data, lock, and even locate devices. Whether a device is simply lost, or in worse cases, stolen – we have a secure solution.

Public Wi-Fi

Free internet is readily available in public settings, but often comes with security risks. If you’re unable to use a private network or hotspot, a VPN is your safest bet. Additionally, be sure to disable automatic Wi-Fi connection to limit the chances of connecting to an unsafe network.

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Mobile applications like Outlook Email, Office 365 and 3CX help you bring your work anywhere. We can help you download useful apps, learn how to navigate them, and assist with any further questions along the way.


we can manage your mobile assets, just like we do for your computers and other office hardware. This includes handling warranties and tracking inventory, and controlling the apps that are installed. Your company’s mobile devices are tools. So let’s keep them safe.

Need help taking control of your company’s mobile devices? Let’s get started.

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