The Importance of Laptop Encryption

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Encryption is the coding of information – often for the purpose of making the data unreadable by an unauthorized user. The only way to access encrypted data is with a password and decryption key. Data encryption is a fairly straightforward and transparent process. We suggest that every mobile device be encrypted as a simple, yet highly effective measure of network security.

Why Encrypt My Laptop?

If your laptop is lost or stolen, you aren’t just out an expensive device. Whoever has your device has access to all your information – even if it’s password protected. An attacker can remove the hard drive, put it into another computer, and access your data – no password required.

If the culprit gains access, they have your personal information and your company’s private data. Furthermore, it’s likely that they can break into your email. With access to email, they can hack any other accounts associated with it.

Bitlocker Encryption

Bitlocker is an encryption service that comes with Windows 10 Pro. It turns all your computer’s data into jumbled codes. The codes are only decipherable with the decryption key. So, even if a criminal gets your device, they can’t access your data without the encryption or login password.

Encryption Security

When creating a password, it’s important to make it something that isn’t easily guessable.When we setup the encryption password – which is a long random key that is separate from your login password, we save this within our documentation. Just like any company computer – please make sure company data is saved on the company network drives to ensure that it’s backed up!

We can help with the encryption of your Windows and other devices. The process doesn’t take long and can be scheduled for your convenience.

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