Outlook Focused Mailbox

Curtis Glassen Helpdesk Tech Tips

“Focused Inbox” is a feature considered by many to be an invaluable feature of Outlook for Office 365 . This feature is automatically enabled on all mailboxes and intelligently presorts your email. Important emails will be put in “Focused” and the rest in “Other”.

How Does Office 365 Know?

The system analyzes how you interact with your email and the email’s content to determine whether you’d likely ignore the message or not. Messages that are likely to be ignored, are automatically moved to the “other” inbox – leaving your inbox to contain only messages of high importance.

What if an Important Message Ends up in the “Other” Inbox?

It’s rare, but if Outlook gets it wrong – simply right-click on the message in the other inbox and select Move to Focused, or Always Move to Focused. Selecting “Always move” will train the system so it doesn’t make the mistake in the future.

I Also Have a Junk Email Folder, What’s the Difference?

Unfocused is different because it contains emails from valid sources. For example, newsletters that you’ve signed up for aren’t considered spam – but could be a lower priority.

What about my phone and tablet?

The feature is available on your mobile devices too! If you’d like to use this time saver while away from the desk, you’ll need to install the Outlook App. This app does a much better job with email than the built-in apps found in Apple or Android phones.

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