How to avoid "Microsoft Support" scammers

How to avoid “Microsoft Support” scammers

Curtis Glassen Helpdesk Tech Tips

Over the past month or two, we’ve been made aware of several instances where our customers received phone calls from “Microsoft”.

It’s important to know that Microsoft will never call you to report an issue with your computer.

These people are simply scam artists/cyber-criminals, trying to gain access to your computer.

Therefore, It’s important that you do NOT trust unsolicited calls.

Here are some of the organizations that these cyber-criminals claim to be from:

  • Windows Helpdesk
  • Windows Service Center
  • Microsoft Tech Support
  • Microsoft Support
  • Windows Technical Department Support Group
  • Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R & D Team)

If given access to your computer, they often perform a few fake “tests” to make you believe your computer is “infected”.

Then, they often then ask for several hundred dollars to “repair” your computer.

Additionally, there have been several reports of these scam artists stealing, or deleting their victims information.

In conclusion, if you receive a suspicious phone call or pop-up, contact us immediately so we may verify your whether your computer is secure.

More information about this directly from Microsoft:

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