4 Small Business Tech Trends of 2020

Curtis Glassen Uncategorized

It’s 2020 – and new technology is undoubtedly necessary for any business – big or small. In this article, we’re going to chat about four big tech ideas that are trending in the small business world.

1.Cyber security

Cyber-crime is all too common, with large-scale attacks making headlines daily. For many years, small businesses thought they were less likely targets, because – well – there’s less to steal. But on the contrary, cyber criminals often prefer targeting smaller businesses because they have less safety guards in place.

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Google puts millions into its cyber security measures, whereas many small businesses go without even the simplest of tools like firewalls and antivirus. So, now many small businesses are stepping it up – making drastic changes and bringing security objectives to the forefront.

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2.Comprehensive IT Management

Today, no business is ‘too small’ to need IT support. Even a company of five employees can utilize many tech tools – cellphones, laptops, printers, cloud services, business phones – and the like. Rather than just fixing problems when they arise, small businesses are now opting to invest more in their IT systems. By doing so, they hope to increase network security, decrease downtime, and regularly maintain their IT.

Since hiring an internal IT person can be costly, many choose to hire an MSP (managed services provider). MSPs are perfect for ANY size business, and prices and services are easily tailored to the needs of each individual client.

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3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is everywhere. And we often encounter AI tools without even knowing it. AI technology can help streamline businesses both big and small.

So, what does AI look like for a small business? One example is a website chatbot. Chatbots can range from answering simple, pre-determined questions to having fully automated conversations. Bot services are relatively cheap and offer 24/7 engagement to your potential customers.

Online shopping AI is another great tool. Again, this AI can be altered to work in a variety of ways. Do you notice that when you shop for an item, related products are usually shown at the bottom of the page?  If your ‘organic’ shopping experience leads you to purchase the related products, AI is working its magic.

4. Digital Integration

Like ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘digital integration’ probably just sounds like a bunch of geek-speak. However, creating one cohesive, cloud-based network really is the way to bring your business into the new decade. Tons of tools now exist to streamline your business – increasing profitability and connectivity.

  • Office 365 is chock-full of tools to help your business thrive. You can host emails in the cloud, share files in a flash, IM, video and audio conference, and bring work anywhere.
  • VoIP phone systems are feature rich – offering voicemail to email, softphone capabilities, ultimate scalability, better customer service, and more. They can also save your business lots of money. Today, VoIP is a clear choice for many small businesses.
  • Cloud-storage offers cheaper and more secure data solutions. Plus, you can easily retrieve your data on the go.
  • ‘Smart’ devices are making waves in the small business world. Smart thermostats connected to the IT infrastructure can save businesses tons in heating and cooling costs. Smart security systems offer new levels of store or office defense.  

In Conclusion

Now more than ever, small businesses are taking control of their IT – making technology a top priority. Whether you’re trying to grow your market, streamline your sales funnels, or improve your security, there’s guaranteed to be a tool designed to help you do it.

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