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3CX VoIP – Gold Partner Status

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Volume & Expertise

Along with already being an advanced certified partner, we’re happy to announce we have achieved a gold partner status with 3CX. This partner status reflects our hard work & commitment in offering cutting edge 3CX VoIP phone systems to our clients. 3CX VoIP phone systems have become extremely popular thanks to their expansive features, cost savings, and low cost of ownership.

Trusted & Proven Provider3CX VoIP Milwaukee

Many businesses have chosen Glassen Technology Services as their phone system vendor. These systems operate for a variety of business types with a single location or multiple locations, from 5 extensions to over 100 extensions.

Tailored to your business

Each system we install goes through an extensive design process, tailored to each customers requirements and preferences. With many call routing options and methods, the system is very flexible. We feel it’s important to take the time to carefully design the system with the client. Additionally, we help with every step of the transition.

DIY – Licensing & Hardware

We’re able to offer an entire turn-key solution. Or, if your business already has an IT department, we can provide 3CX licensing & VoIP hardware. We have great relationships with some of the largest distributors of VoIP equipment in the US. With our competitive prices & knowledgeable staff, we can assist companies with their own implementations.

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