Desktop Cable Management

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Is your desk space filled with messy cabling?

Small & Medium businesses tend to move and change quickly. We realize downtime can quickly become expensive for our clients, so we always do whatever we can to make any equipment installation go as quickly, efficiently, and as cost effective as possible.

Our Velcro Cable Ties Keep Cables Tidy

Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to messy network cabinets and areas on or around computer desks.

While it’s messy cables likely won’t hurt your computer’s performance, there are a few disadvantages to having what many of our clients jokingly call “a rat’s nest of cables”.

• It looks unappealing
• Cables can become tripping hazards
• Unsupported (stretched) cables can fail
• May interfere with troubleshooting
• May interfere with future equipment installation 
• Lack of air-flow can cause cooling issues and premature equipment failure
• Accumulation of dust & dirt

Our “Kit”

We’ve put together a “desktop cable management kit” that includes:
• X1 Cable Box
• x10 Velcro Cable Ties
• 10′ Braided Cable Split Sleeves
• X4 Large Zip Ties (to secure sleeve only)
• X4 Small Zip Ties (to secure sleeve only)
• X4 Adhesive Tie Anchors

Here’s a before and after picture of a desk that we used our cabling management kit on.

It’s important to note that it’s not recommended that zip ties be used directly on cables. That’s because they are strong and rigid, and they can actually harm the cables they support.

Our cable box is perfect for housing a surge arrestor, plugs, and excess cable!

Inside Our Cable Box

Finished Product!