Data Destruction

Crystal Hess Uncategorized

Glassen offers secure data destruction services! We can efficiently destroy sensitive data before properly recycling your old computers or media.

What is Degaussing?

The process we use to properly destroy data on spinning disk hard drives is called degaussing and is one of the very few methods that has a 100% effectiveness rate. Although many customers would like to destroy the hard drives in a fun and creative way, hitting the drives with hammers or smashing them can be dangerous and it doesn’t properly destroy the data.

A spinning disk uses magnetism to store data in rows or “Tracks” as seen in the before image. Degaussing creates a large magnetic pulse which scrambles and destroys the data tracks.

What is SSD Shredding?

Solid State Drives (SSDs) use flash memory to read and write data as opposed to the magnetic tracks spinning disks use in traditional hard drives. SSDs are more reliable and resilient; however, it is more difficult to destroy the data within these drives. There are several ways to properly dispose and erase data on SSDs, however shredding them is best practice. SSDs can be shredded in a commercial machine, reducing them to small pieces – destroying the drive and all of it’s data.  


No matter what type of data destruction our clients require, we have the necessary equipment in-house to properly and securely erase and destroy their drives.