Backup for Office 365

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Many companies store crucial data in Office 365 within E-Mail or OneDrive. One common misconception is that Microsoft is responsible for backing up that data, this is not the case. Microsoft recommends using third-party apps and services to regularly backup content and data in their service agreement.

View the full service agreement here: Link.

Office 365 does offer versioning; however, malware may be able to change or encrypt your files more times than the number of versions that are stored.

Aren’t There Policies to Protect Against This?

Retention policies are simply not a proper backup procedure to have in place alone, nor will they help you in the event of an extended service outage.

How does one backup this data?

Our cloud backup systems can perform daily cloud backups of this data and require no hardware or up -front investment. This service is priced per user and is very inexpensive.


Having a backup in place for your Office 365 data is definitely worth discussing. Microsoft makes it clear that it is ultimately it is up to the business to manage and protect its vital business data.