The Hive: Milwaukee, WI

Curtis Glassen

The Hive is a coworking office space that tasked Glassen with setting up a wireless internet system capable of supporting many demanding users. The team at Glassen designed, implemented and delivered a turn key wireless solution for The Hive.

In part the solution uses the Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless system which is both extremely capable and economical. A Cloud Controller was also implemented to allow remote wireless system monitoring and management. To wrap the project up all the equipment was secured in a sleek, locking cabinet.

“The Team at Glassen has been instrumental in setting up our coworking space at The Hive.  We have a 5,000 square foot space with multiple rooms and have had zero problems with wireless and have never lost connection. We would recommend their organization to anyone looking for hassles free wireless.”

The Hive, located in downtown Milwaukee,  is a shared co-working office space that drives to inspire, spark, and grow entrepreneurialism.  It is a space designed for startups, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and small business owners to have access to an affordable and efficient office space.

Michael Sampson- Owner, The Hive