Creating an Innovative WiFi Solution

Curtis Glassen

Milwaukee Yacht Club is located on the lakeshore in downtown Milwaukee, WI. The M.Y.C boasts several hundred members with amenities including boat dockage, bars, and gourmet dining. In addition to its member functions, the MYC also hosts many events such as weddings and corporate gatherings. It’s location on the water offers beautiful views of Lake Michigan and Milwaukee’s skyline.


Problem: Lack of high-speed internet access availability

Solution: A private, direct wireless link


Unfortunately, the beautiful location presented a serious challenge: high-speed internet access was not available in the area. Even though the M.Y.C is located downtown, its location on the water put it far away from internet service areas.  Local Internet Service providers reported that only fiber based internet could be brought to the club, and construction costs to do so could cost up to $100,000!

Both members and their guests required better Wi-Fi. Club management and operations also required dependable high-speed internet access. Glassen Technology Services was asked to develop a solution to this problem.

The proposed and implemented solution was to deliver internet wirelessly. A direct and private wireless link was installed between the M.Y.C and a high-rise building over a half a mile away. This high-rise building’s location had high-speed internet services available and once service was installed there, it was brought to the M.Y.C wirelessly.


Fixed wireless links typically differ from standard Wi-Fi services many people use daily with their mobile devices.

  • Antenna Design: Their antennas are extremely directional – meaning they aim at each other. This also blocks interference
  • Frequency: By using different frequencies than Wi-Fi devices, interference is dramatically reduced. A higher frequency also allows for higher performance.
  • Line of sight: Both antennas have what’s called “line of sight”. This means the space between each antenna is unobstructed by buildings, trees, etc.
  • Professional Equipment: We used high-quality equipment that was built for this purpose.


The project was extremely successful. Since installed the private wireless link’s performance and reliability have been rock solid. The link has remained operational even through fog, rain, sleet, and snow. As a result the M.Y.C has been able to receive high-speed internet without waiting for fiber based internet to become available, and without needing to spend large amounts of money on construction related fees to get it there.


“Curtis and his team at Glassen Technology Services have been great to work with. They not only are responsive and affordable, they offer solutions that no one else has come up with. The ideas and creativity they deliver were not only a great solution to our problem, it was much more cost effective than the other quotes we received.” – Tom Maliszko, GM, Milwaukee Yacht Club

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