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Our Values: What we’re all about

We’re Friendly.

Let’s face it. For a lot of people, technology can be frustrating! We pledge to be your approachable, easy-going and friendly technology department. That means we’ll put away the “Geek Speak.” We use normal English and good, old-fashioned manners. We bring kindness to an industry that lacks it. We will never forget that we’re in the service business first, and the technology business second.

We’re Proactive.

Nobody likes to put out fires. That includes us. Empowered with our technical skills, experience, monitoring systems and services, we will do what is necessary to prevent as many issues as possible. We realize that in the IT world, the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” can quickly translate from pounds to tons. We’ll sit down with you and help to create and maintain a technology strategy that prevents growing pains, oversights and fires.

We’re Responsive.

In the unfortunate event of an issue, or if you simply have a question, we have your back. 99% of our support calls are answered and never go to voicemail. We prioritize our customers and any of their issues over new installs. Our customers’ needs always come first.

We’re Organized.

From the day we were founded, we’ve been fanatical about organization. Organized IT systems are smooth running IT systems; enabling more productive and proactive planning for our clients’ future needs. We know that good documentation and organization allow everyone to work as an efficient team.

We’re Current.

Technology changes and reinvents itself at a very fast pace. It’s our job to keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology and provide the best solutions the industry can offer. We take the confusion out of new technology, researching and reviewing products to determine what are unnecessary bells and whistles and what are smart and sound solutions for our clients.

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