Why choose Glassen Technology Services?

We speak your language.

What does this mean for you? It means, we’re well aware that technical skills are only part of the solutions we offer. Customer service is also a critical part! We’re committed to making every interaction with our customers a positive and comfortable one. We’re a friendly, professional team who’s not about short-term, piecemeal fixes for your business. We take the time to listen to you, understand your business and use our expertise to provide preventative strategies and proactive solutions that make sense for your business, now and in the future.

Managed IT Services

The cost of downtime is real. Why not invest in a solution to eliminate it once and for all?

Every minute of unexpected issues or downtime translates into lost productivity and revenue-producing opportunities. We work with you to develop, support, and maintain your IT systems; proactively preventing issues so that your downtime costs are as good as gone.

VoIP Phone Systems

Your business adapts and grows with the market. Isn’t it time your phone system does the same?

Phone systems are no longer just a “box on the wall” hiding in your office’s back room. Today’s phone systems are computer-driven and extremely feature-rich. These traits allow immense flexibility and seamless integration with your office computer systems and mobile devices outside the office. So you can do your job better, for less cost. And make your customers happier too.

Cloud Services

Highly capable and scalable solutions at a low cost. Are your ready for the advantages of cloud computing?

Cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure have redefined business IT. Our clients gain access to the best technology available, with enterprise-level availability, reliability, and security. Without the enterprise price tag.

Managed Online Backup

We’re “at the wheel” monitoring every backup. Can you say that about your current online backup system?

The worst kind of backup system is one that you think is working and actually isn’t. Our team monitors and manages your backups to ensure they are running on schedule and without issues. Every time.

Mobile Device Management

Control your assets and information, no matter how mobile. Do you really know where your devices and data are?

Your business relies on mobility. But with mobility, comes increasingly complex challenges in managing a diverse fleet of devices. From enforcing security policies to finding lost devices, you’re in control.

PC Life Cycle Management

You can’t teach an old computer new tricks. Is your aging PC not doing what it should anymore?

The fact is the older your PC, the more money and time you’re spending to keep it running. And the more hours and productivity you’re losing when it’s slow. Our PC Life Cycle Management Program ensures you get the most out of your PC during its prime. And, when it’s time, we’ll help you replace your old PC, including destroying any sensitive data as well as recycling it.

Stress-free IT is in your future. Contact us to get started.