• Find and tap “Settings” on your home screen, then tap "Accounts & Passwords".

  • Tap “Add Account”.

  • Tap “Exchange”.

  • Type your email, email password, and a description such as “work email.” Please do not leave the description as it’s default value of “Exchange”

  • Tap “sign in” when prompted

  • Tap "Work or school account"

  • Enter your email address and email password.

    Note: This password is likely different than your computer login password

  • Tap "Accept"

  • Tap "Save"

  • Possible Password Requirement

    If you are prompted to create a pass-code, tap continue and enter a numeric pass-code. If you do not set a pass-code, you will not be able to view your email account.

  • Create a new passcode and tap "continue"

    IMPORTANT: It is important that you write down or remember this passcode!