Which Internet Browser is Best for Your Business?

Curtis Glassen Helpdesk Tech Tips

Internet browsers are an important business tool. You may use them more than you realize – not just for browsing the web, but also to access applications via browser-based interfaces.
Browser-based interfaces come with web applications. If you’ve ever used a cloud subscription and accessed it from a web portal, you’ve used a browser.
Having too many browser options can be confusing. Each of the most popular browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer,
Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
Not all of them are created equally. Which one is the best for your business? How can you be sure you use the right one?

How Secure is Your Browser?

As your main portal to the World Wide Web, it’s important your browser is secure and up-to-date.
Updates for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge come along with Windows security updates.
Google Chrome and Firefox check for updates each time you use them.
Internet Explorer has a reputation for being the least secure. This reputation is due to two main factors:
1) Users don’t stay current with their Windows updates.
2) Browser is slow to abandon older standards deemed insecure for the sake of maintaining compatibility.
Skipped updates to browser add-ins that add functionality to browsers may also pose security risks. An example of such a program that runs within the browser and requires constant updates is Java.

Is Your Browser Compatible?

Most websites are created to adhere to technology standards.
However, browsers often interpret these standards differently. Browsers may also choose to independently abandon older standards or ignore functions they’ve deemed as insecure. In other words, results between browsers may vary.
Older intranets or portals typically work on Internet Explorer. Therefore, if your primary browser is Google Chrome, you may still need to rely on Internet Explorer for some sites.

Edge Gets an Engine Swap: Chrome under the Hood

Microsoft is currently working on improving its “New” Edge browser by putting Google Chrome technology under the hood.
This will result in better browser compatibility and pave the way for clearer industry standards. Microsoft will also keep its unique security functionality in Edge, giving the best of both worlds.


At the moment, Google’s Chrome browser is the best browser on the market unless your business needs special cases that require using Internet Explorer that’s compatible with older portals.
However, this may change if Microsoft follows through with rebuilding their Edge browser – which is conveniently included with
Microsoft Windows.