Greater Holy Temple Christian Academy: Milwaukee, WI


Wireless issues such as slow, frequent disconnections, poor coverage, and inability to access the Internet-

frequently plagued the school, and needed to be resolved ASAP. We were asked to come in and resolve persistent issues with the existing WIFI system at Milwaukee School: Greater Holy Temple Christian Academy.

The new system was designed to accommodate hundreds of wireless users on a daily basis.

Once a network assessment was completed, and a strategy developed, we went to work. Their new system included a new Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless system, and a new Cisco managed network switching backbone. Once installed, the system provided unified wireless access across the entire campus. Coverage was better than expected, and it proved to be completely reliable.

A separate secure WIFI network-

was also provided for staff and faculty, increasing the security of the network. This allowed for tighter security controls on the network. Management of the large system is simple, and consolidated into one “pane of glass” using the Ubiquiti Unifi management system.

Fast & strong results

Edward Deshazer – Executive Director, Greater Holy Temple Christian Academy

“The team at Glassen delivered & implemented our new wireless solution very quickly, and had us online with the new system in only one day. Reliable WIFI & internet access is crucial to support our school computer systems, electronic testing, and learning initiatives on a daily basis.” -Edward Deshazer, Executive Director

Greater Holy Temple Christian Academy is a choice school in Milwaukee, WI. They enroll up to 700 students each school year in grades K-8.