Full Service Car Wash

Curtis Glassen

FSCW (Full Service Car Wash) has a total of 5 full service car washes located in Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Hales corners, West Bend, and Grafton.

Along with their management duties, each store manager was tasked with handling an immense amount of calls pertaining to questions, and booking client appointments for their detailing services.  The growing volume of calls had begun to become problematic for the busy store managers.


FSCW came to us for a solution to this problem.

An example of the 3CX call queue wallboard

We worked with FSCW to design and implement a 3CX VoIP phone system that allows them to centrally handle all of their calls in a streamlined, professional, and efficient manner. The automated attendant and call queue features were then setup to allow their call center staff to handle large amounts of calls during peak hours. Instead of losing calls or needing to put their current call(s) on hold to pick up another call – additional incoming calls are “queued up” and ring through once the call center staff ends their first call.


“Though we were already using a VoIP phone system from another online provider – its features and support were very inadequate. After sitting down with us to tailor the system to our needs, the team at Glassen was able to quickly implement our new 3CX system. Like a custom suit, this new system fits us perfectly. This system has helped us increase revenue, dramatically decrease labor expenses, and best of all – deliver better customer service.”  -Tyler Leikam

Tyler Leikam – Vice President – FSCW